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August 22 2009

August 05 2009

August 02 2009

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YouTube - How to Make Oyakodon (Japanese Chicken and Egg Rice Bowl)
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Iron Chef is WIN!!

YouTube - Iron Chef - Battle Onion (1 of 5)

June 06 2009

Picture Show: You Are What You Eat

Ah, takeout. How I love you. Let me count the ways.

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Sugar Stacks - How Much Sugar Is in That?

We’ve used regular sugar cubes (4 grams of sugar each) to show how the sugars in your favorite foods literally stack up, gram for gram. Compare foods, find out where sugar is hiding, and see how much of the sweet stuff you’re really eating.

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June 02 2009

Canned Meat, Fish & Bugs From Around the World

Geez, if you weren't a vegetarian before...

Finally he gets what he deserves.

May 30 2009

Popular and Unique Soft Drinks From Around the World

Now that's a mighty greeny green, my friends.

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May 29 2009

May 05 2009

10 of the World's Largest Vegetables and Fruits - Oddee.com

That's a large fruit, Jack.

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February 01 2009

November 21 2008

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